Visiting Authors

Visiting Authors

The Visiting Authors program supports assemblies and book signings from accomplished children’s authors.

The authors provide dynamic assemblies where they present their most recent works, answer questions, tell tales, and frequently give drawing sessions. Students have the option to purchase signed books by the visiting author. Some of our WES students even have a chance to interview the author one-on-one. Their interviews can be viewed on the District’s website at

2017-2018 Authors:

Judy Schachner Sarabella’s Thinking Cap on October 26, 2017 for K-5th grades

Jennifer Weiner The Littlest Bigfoot on October 30, 2017 for 4th-5th grades

John August Arlo Finch in the Valley of Fire on February 13, 2018 for 4th-5th grades

Phil Bildner Rookie of the Year on April 3, 2018 for K-5th grades

Rebecca Stead & Wendy Mass Bob on May 2, 2018 for K-5th grades


2016-2017 Authors:

Dav Pilkey ‘Dogman’ September 23, 2016- 1st- 5th grades

Adam Gidwitz ‘Inquisitor’s Tale’ November 29, 2016- 5th grade

Sarah Mylnowski ‘Upside Down Magic’ February 28, 2017- 1st-4th grades

William Joyce ‘Ollie’s Odyssey’ April 25, 2017 1st-5th grades

Sara Pennypacker  ‘Pax’ May 12, 2017 – K-5th grades


2015-2016 Authors:

Alex London ‘The Wild Ones’ September 29, 2015 – 3rd – 5th grades

Geoff Rodkey ‘The Tapper Twins’ November 2, 2015 – 4th & 5th grades

Mac Barnett ‘The Terrible Two’ January 22, 2016 – 3rd – 5th grades

Judy Schachner ‘Dewey Bob’ February 26, 2016 – K – 3rd grades

Jen Calonita, ‘Flunked’ May 9, 2016, 3rd – 5th grades

John Patrick Green ‘Hippopotamister,” June 2, 2016- K – 3rd grades


2014 – 2015 Authors:

Ryan and Krystle Howard ‘Little Rhino’ February 5th 2015

Jennifer Holm ‘The Fourteenth Goldfish’ February 20th 2015

Meghan McCarthy ‘Earmuffs for Everyone! How Chester Greenwood Became Known as the Inventor of Earmuffs’ May 4th 2015